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21-22 PowerSchool Portal Vaccination Verification

Instructions for Parents

Students who have received their Covid Vaccine will need to submit information about the vaccine (the brand, date, and provider of each shot) as well as upload a picture of their proof of vaccination. Examples of acceptable documentation include:

●    a picture of your white CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card
●    a copy of records from your provider (e.g. MyChart portal screenshot or other printout)
●    a copy of records from LA MyIR website https://ldh.la.gov/index.cfm/page/3641

All uploaded documents will be reviewed by your school for accuracy.

To submit the documentation, parents must login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  This is the same Parent Portal parents were asked to create accounts for in order to complete the 21-22 Registration Packet.  


●    Smart phone, tablet or computer- the Parent Portal forms are accessed via the website powerschool.kippneworleans.org not PowerSchool’s app.
●    Parent Portal Account- Parents must create their parent portal account (see instructions below) to be able to access the form and upload documentation
●    Screenshots/Copies of their documents to upload to the form

Creating your account

1.    Schools will provide you the unique access id and password to create your account
2.    Visit powerschool.kippneworleans.org
3.    Click on the Create Account button instead of the Sign In button
4.    Enter your first and last name, your email, and set your username and password.  
5.    Then enter your students name and the access id and password the school provided you.  These access IDs and passwords are case sensitive.
6.    If you receive an error message that your email is already in use, that means you already have a parent portal account.  If this is the case, go back to the main sign in screen and select forgot username or password to retrieve your information.
7.    Once you create your account, you will receive an email to verify your account.
8.    Once you complete the verification, return to the main screen and login using the username and password you set.

If you are unable to create your account, send an email to coronavirus@kippneworleans.org with your name and student’s name and a description of the issue you are having

Signing into your account

Visit powerschool.kippneworleans.org and sign in using your username and password you set up when doing registration
Retrieving usernames or passwords

Underneath the login screen, there is a hyperlink to retrieve your username and/or password. This information will be emailed to the account connected to the Parent Portal. If you do not receive the email or are unable to retrieve your password email coronavirus@kippneworleans.org

  • Step 1 Visit powerschool.kippneworleans.org and sign in using your username and password you set up when doing registration
  • Step 2 Click on Forms from the left side menu option
  • Step 3 Click on the form [COVID] Student COVID Vaccination Verification
  • Step 4 Review the instructions on the top of the form and select if your student received 1 Dose or 2 Doses
  • Step 5 Enter in the date, provider and brand of your shot(s)
  • Step 6 Read the requirements of the type of proof of vaccination documentation accepted.  
  • Step 7 Sign in to upload your vaccination documentation
  • Step 8 Enter your parent portal email address and password and click Register
  • Step 9 Click the I agree to privacy policy popup
  • Step 10 Click Add Document
  • Step 11 Click Browse to select your document
  • Step 12 Click Upload to attach the document to the form
  • Step 13 Click Submit to finish and submit your form
Thank you for completing the form and submitting the documentation for your student.  A member of the school will be reviewing the documentation and will reach out with any additional questions. 
You can revisit the form at any time if you need to update the information you provided.
If you are having difficulty registering your account to upload the document, make sure that the browser you are using has third-party cookies enabled. Most browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, have third-party cookies enabled by default. Safari has them disabled.
If you have any issues with the form or upload and this guide does not assist you in troubleshooting, email coronavirus@kippneworleans.org