KIPP New Orleans Gala



Dear Friends of KIPP New Orleans Schools,

On behalf of all of us at KIPP New Orleans Schools, I hope you are safe and well. In response to ongoing concerns about COVID-19, regrettably we have decided to cancel our previously postponed 2020 Annual Gala.
Our friends mean so much to us- your support of our students and programs ensures that we fulfill our mission to provide unlimited opportunity for every student in New Orleans. We have worked tirelessly to support our students and families through the COVID-19 crisis. Chiefly, we implemented our 1:1 Student-to-Device Ratio Program, which ensures that every student can fully access our academic programs, virtually or in-person, for this academic year.
This August, we distributed personal computing devices to each of our students, as well as mobile internet to students in need of home access. As a result, we commenced the school year prepared for the following contingencies: (1) in-person learning for all students who chose it (2) a virtual academic model for all students who chose it and (3) scenarios where students may pivot back-and-forth based on classroom, personal, and family health circumstances. As a result of this program, we aim to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19, provide a safe learning environment for our students, maintain ambitious academic goals for our students, close the equity gap in technology access, and incorporate important technological 21st century skill development into our learning model.

All proceeds for our 2020 Gala will be reallocated to support this program, thus ensuring that all of our 6,200 students have uninterrupted learning access this year. We are fortunate that the KIPP Foundation, which exists to support KIPP regions like ours around the country, has established a Technology Match Program to support its commitment to a 1:1 KIPP student-to-device ratio. Therefore, we have a transformative opportunity to double the impact of our Gala and join this nationwide philanthropic effort. Ongoing funding for this program will ensure that we equip and maintain this program throughout COVID-19 and benefit from our increased inventory for many years to come.

While we are sad to miss you at our Annual Gala in 2020, we want to ensure that we make a very special acknowledgement that was planned for that evening. We would like to share a special thank you to our dedicated partner, Entergy Corporation. With a 12-year legacy of contributing more than $1.5 million to our organization, Entergy has been instrumental in supporting our school expansions and academic programs, making KIPP-through-college possible for so many students. In addition, their commitment over the years is evident in so many ways, including their extensive participation in volunteer opportunities. They have shown such extraordinary dedication to students across New Orleans.

Even through the pandemic, Entergy has been a steady hand in supporting students across the city. KNOS is incredibly excited to announce that Entergy has contributed an additional $15,000 towards our Technology Match Program. As a result of this contribution and a match from the KIPP Foundation, KNOS seniors across our high schools will have ongoing access to devices, programs, and internet access, which are essential in not only completing their school coursework, but also in preparing for their postsecondary pathway of choice. The entire KIPP Team and Family is so very appreciative of Entergy’s support of KIPP New Orleans Schools. We invite all of our friends to share in our celebration and gratitude.

If you would like to contribute additional support for our Technology Match Program, please click