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John F. Kennedy High School


At John F. Kennedy High School we are committed to continuing the tradition of excellence in everything we do. Within our walls pride, academic achievement, and leadership are our number one priorities. We are trailblazers for what is possible. Individually we are leaders, but together, we are Cougars.                                                                              


Please contact Paulette Lotten, Front Office Manager, at (504) 609-2283 to:
Report an absence                                                                                     

Make a transportation request                                                                             

Update parent/guardian information                                                                                 


Important Contacts

School Leader: Dr. Joseph Jones Jr.,

Director Of School Operations: Aron Walker,

Dean of Students: Stanley Barre,

Bullying Point Of Contact: Stanley Barre                                                                           

Special Education Coordinator: Jeannie Dwyer                                                                               

Social Worker/Counselor: (Insert)                                                                                       

Wilfred "Bird" Antoine, Athletic Director,


For all school based transportation concerns, contact: Aron Walker, or call (504)619-9131. You can also reach Hammond's Transportation at (504)662-0261.


*Hammond's Transportation does SPED transportation for all KNOS schools*                                                                                 



Our Approach                                                                               

We walk towards the work-and our work is building Kennedy at all times. We build ourselves, we build our family, we build our traditions. We lead in our passions, with our passions, and for our city. We are relentless in our pursuits and never back down from a challenge. We conquer the unthinkable and achieve the unimaginable.                                     



Student Activities





Track & Field                                                                                

Color Guard                                                                                  


Dance Team                                                                                 

Flag Team                                                                                     






6026 Paris Avenue New Orleans, LA 70122

Phone: (504)619-9131