Congrats to KNOS Hispanic Heritage Month Door Decorating Contest Winners

Congratulations to KIPP New Orleans Schools Hispanic Heritage Month Door Decorating Contest Winners at Booker T. Washington High School, KIPP Leadership Primary, and KIPP East Community Primary! Read below for background meaning of each door. Congrats again to the winners!
KIPP East Community Primary Winners: Jayde Larson, Kiyanta Branch, Shira Bobo, Johnadya Craig, Kayan Morris, and Jasmine LaRoche
"Our theme was "there is magic inside these doors, hay magia dentro de estas puertas" which is based off the movie Encanto where there is magic in their casa. We wanted to show there is magic behind the door of our classrooms (the children are the magic) so each child has also created a door and found out what their magic is to contribute to our community. We used Hispanic heritage month to not only celebrate Hispanic cultures and everything they contribute but to take a look at our youngest scholars and show them they contribute to our community too!"
Booker T. Washington High School Winner: Ms. Alicia Laura AP Literature
"All the petals have quotes from Hispanic Authors."
KIPP Leadership Primary Winners: Welton Boyce and Monique Bradford
"Our design is simple with the outline of a Hispanic woman of slightly darker complexion than the image most of our student's picture. This is to encourage them to ask questions and allow for a deeper conversation about the Afro Latino connection that many of our students have. The colors in her dress represent the beauty and diversity of Hispanic heritage."