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KNOS Beliefs

  • We are better together. When a teammate needs help, we
    give. When we need help, we ask. We build strong, inclusive
    relationships with students, families, the community and
    one another. With love, understanding and kindness, we
    embrace each other’s differences and solve problems
  • We are committed to becoming excellent educators and
    are passionate about honing our expertise and skills. To do
    this, we embrace growth mindsets and are always hungry
    for practice and feedback. If there is a problem, we find a
    solution. Failures don’t stop us; we learn from them.
  • We promise to fight for an equitable New Orleans. We
    believe in culturally relevant teaching – confronting our
    biases and improving ourselves to build stronger bonds
    with our students. We believe in rich and rigorous teaching
    - ensuring that the students we work with love learning and
    reach their highest potential
  • We remain optimistic and face each day with the belief that
    the past’s injustices do not define tomorrow’s possibilities.
    We bring joy and kindness to the hard work of creating a
    bright future for students. Whenever we reach one goal, we
    celebrate together and then we aim higher.
  • We strive for excellence. We hold fast to the conviction that
    excellence is the result of hard work, dedication and holding
    ourselves and our students to the highest standards. Our
    brilliance shatters stereotypes, proves what is possible and
    unlocks opportunity.