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March 15, 2023

Dear KNOS Families,

We have just a little over 10 weeks left in the school year! The remainder of the year will focus on celebrating student progress and achievement - ranging from promotion ceremonies and graduations to student performances to science fairs and debates.  In the coming weeks, our high school Black Lives Matter Essay Contest winners will head to Washington DC, our middle school students will be visited by two authors as part of our Authors of Color series, the winners of the KIPP New Orleans Amazing Shake competition will represent New Orleans at the national Amazing Shake Competition in Atlanta, and our primary students will compete in our annual Quiz Bowl Competition.  

AOC BHM Amazing Shake

Through these end-of-year events, we will maintain a continued focus on ensuring students are set up for success on the upcoming state assessments. Ten weeks represent ¼ of the learning students can expect to do in a year.  It is critical that students attend school every day ready to work hard. Strong attendance and continued student effort will impact preparation for end-of-year testing and readiness for the next grade level.  

As we prepare for the last few months of the year, we'd like to share important reminders:

2023-2024 School Year Registration:

It’s time to update your registration documents for next year in your Powerschool portal. Please reference the text messages and emails we have sent with directions for completing these documents. We also ask that you complete THIS very short “intent to return” survey.


Report Card Conferences

The 3rd academic quarter ended on March 10th. Please mark your calendars for report card conferences on March 31st. These conferences provide an excellent opportunity to connect with your KIPPsters’ teachers about their progress, accomplishments, and goals to ensure your child meets all end-of-year grade-level benchmarks. We encourage all families to attend!



3rd & 4th Grade Literacy 

The Louisiana Department of Education, at the direction of the Louisiana Legislature, has mandated summer reading instruction for all 3rd and 4th graders who are not reading on grade level by the end of the year. 

All 3rd and 4th graders will be assessed to determine their reading fluency. Students who score below grade level will be required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of reading instruction during the summer to be promoted. As part of our summer programming, KNOS will offer summer reading instruction at each primary school campus for qualifying students. 

3rd quarter report cards will include your student's current reading fluency data. Report card conferences will help you understand your student's current reading performance in comparison to the end of year goal of reading on grade level.

While this new state mandate is specific to 3rd and 4th grader's reading ability, it is important to note that our teachers closely monitor students’ academic performance all year, using a robust multi-tiered student support system to address performance concerns. 

LEAP & ACT Testing

End-of-year state testing is near. The best way to assist your KIPPsters  is to ensure they attend school daily. Below are the key testing dates:

3-8 LEAP Testing: LEAP testing will take place May 4–10.

11-12 ACT State Testing: ACT testing will take place on Tuesday, March 21. (Students in grades 9th and 10th will not have school this day).  Students who receive multi-day testing accommodations will test Tuesday, March 21-Thursday, March 23.

9-12 AP and EOC Testing: High school advanced placement and end-of-course testing will begin on Monday, May 1.

End-of-Year K-2 Reading Assessments

As our 3-12 students prepare for their end-of-year testing, our PK-2 students are also preparing for the next grade level.  Our youngest students have worked hard, and the percent of students reading at benchmark has already doubled! With strong attendance, and continued focus on reading, students across our schools are on track to outperform national averages for reading performance.  

Black History Month

Our celebration of Black History Month is an opportunity to honor the past and demonstrate how it can lead us to a brighter future. We believe in the power of history and the valuable contributions of our schools and alumni. Recently, we celebrated the 80th Anniversary and Rededication Ceremony of Booker T. Washington High School.

At the event, esteemed speakers, alumni, current students, and members of the community gathered. This included a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a tour of the building, and a reception. 


Booker T. Washington High School has been a cornerstone of the New Orleans community since its construction in 1942, being the first vocational school and the first public high school dedicated to educating Black students in the city. The rededication ceremony symbolized the school's strength and commitment to providing the best educational opportunities to its students.

For more information and highlights, click HERE,

We were also excited to continue many of our Black History Month traditions and programs at KNOS such as our Authors of Colors Series, Black Lives Matter Essay Contest and special presentations and performances.

Click HERE to view a very special Black history video presentation

Adventures Abroad

At KNOS, we are committed to providing our scholars with unforgettable student experiences and life-changing memories. We are thrilled to support our students from John F. Kennedy and Booker T. Washington as they prepare to travel to Costa Rica, and students from Frederick A. Douglass High Schools as they explore the rich culture of Ghana in May. These trips will be an amazing opportunity for our students to learn about the world and grow as individuals. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Middle School Author’s of Color Visits with Marti Dumas -  March 20-21
  • KIPP New Orleans Regional Quiz Bowl Finals at KLP - March 22
  • KIPP Morial Primary Science Fair - March 23
  • Middle School Authors of Color Visits with Chrystal Giles - March 23-24
  • Middle School Spring Debate Tournament at Tulane – March 25
  • Krewe of Themis Prom Dress Giveaway at FDHS and BTW – March 25
  • Practice LEAP Week – March 26-30
  • Frederick Douglass Auditorium Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – April 5
  • Spring Break –  April 7-10
  • BLM Essay Contest Trip to DC — April 7-10 
  • KIPP Leadership Primary Theatre Performance at Cafe Istanbul l – April 12
  • KIPP Believe Primary Science Fair - April 19-20
  • Regional Band Showcase – April 20

Thank you for your continued commitment to our school communities,

KIPP New Orleans Schools