KIPP New Orleans Schools Soars

New Orleans, LA - KIPP New Orleans Schools (KNOS) continues to excel, with new data revealing students and teachers reaching impressive milestones, establishing KNOS as a leader in Louisiana education.

All KNOS elementary and middle schools earned the "A growth" designation, with students topping growth charts across New Orleans. Additionally, every K-8 school increased its performance score, showcasing educators' efforts to foster thriving learning environments.

Despite pandemic challenges, KNOS School Performance Scores rose to pre-COVID heights. KNOS was one of only two large Charter Management Organizations without any D's, and the only one where all K-12 schools earned C's or higher. "This proves the heart and hard work of Team KNOS," said Amber Mills, Principal of KIPP Leadership Academy.

In other highlights, KIPP Leadership climbed 10 spots in citywide rankings. KIPP East gained 8 spots and earned a charter renewal.

Frederick A. Douglass High School ranked in the Top 5 for School Performance Scores and high school Progress Index, holding its #1 open enrollment spot for assessment.

Both KIPP Leadership and KIPP Believe entered the Top 10 K-8 schools citywide for Progress Index, displaying KNOS’ commitment to excellence across all grades.

For a second straight year, John F. Kennedy High was among Louisiana's 10 most improved schools, reflecting educators' dedication.

Douglass also emerged as the only open enrollment high school in New Orleans to earn "Top Gains" and "Opportunity" honors - one of the city's few high schools to ever achieve both distinctions.

With 13 schools and over 6,200 students, KNOS’ achievements reflect its school community's hard work and commitment to providing top-tier education and unlimited opportunities for every student.