KIPP New Orleans Schools Hosts Annual State of KNOS High School Alumni Dinner

KIPP New Orleans Schools (KNOS) recently hosted its annual State of the High Schools Alumni Dinner, bringing together network leadership, school leaders from Booker T. Washington (BTW), Frederick A. Douglass (FDHS), and John F. Kennedy (JFK) High Schools, along with alumni from all three legacy institutions.

The event showcased standout programming focused on senior success. KNOS offers rising 12th graders the opportunity to earn an Associate's degree from Bard College alongside their high school diploma. This early access partnership, housed at FDHS, propels academic performance. College-level rigor also courses through the STEMHub Pathway at BTW and the Arts Pathway at JFK – both open to ambitious high schoolers across KNOS.

Additionally, through the Alumni Teaching Force fellowship, high schoolers give back by training to become educators in New Orleans themselves, passing the torch of knowledge to the next generation. Students choose to join these specialized programs, tailoring their education to their interests and career aspirations.

The evening began with updates from each of the high schools, showcasing the remarkable achievements and ongoing initiatives that make KNOS stand out in the educational landscape.

BTW Lions celebrated significant achievements, boasting 2 POSSE Scholarship Finalists (Case Western Reserve and Texas A&M) and 2 Dell Scholarship Semi-finalists. Impressively, BTW seniors have received 376 college acceptances so far this school year, with one student earning the graduation seal of bi-literacy.

FDHS Bobcats secured the top open enrollment Assessment Index score for the 2021-2022 academic year. For the 2023-2024 school year, Bobcat seniors have already garnered over $14.2 million in scholarships, including a full ride to Duke, a Questbridge finalist, a Gates finalist, and a POSSE scholarship to Villanova.

The Cougars at JFK have continued their growth streak, making them one of the top growth schools in the state of Louisiana. The Cougars Football Team clinched victory in their district for the second time, reaching the quarterfinals and securing at least one commitment to LSU. The athletic prowess of JFK students also shone through, with over $4 million in athletic scholarships earned this school year, thus far.

As the evening concluded, KNOS leadership provided a summary, indicating that the current seniors are poised to exceed last year's remarkable achievements. This includes surpassing the record-breaking scholarship amount of $34 million, achieving 1515 acceptances to 198 colleges and universities, and earning over 55 associates degrees and career credentials.

The KNOS family bonds through a shared ambition to uplift the community through education and by providing unlimited opportunity for every student.