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Student Fees Policy

Student Fees Policy

KIPP New Orleans Schools may collect the following student fees on an annual basis. Each school may establish its own student fees within the boundaries provided by this policy, but schools may only collect fees expressly authorized by this policy. Each school must publish a complete list of all student fees it intends to charge, including the exact dollar amount of each fee, in its annual student handbook.

Fees are to be collected in the front office or, when applicable, by a coach or activity sponsor. Cash, credit card, and money order are acceptable forms of payment. All fees collected will be managed by schools in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and the KIPP New Orleans School Activity Funds Compliance Manual.

Student Fee: Technology
Amount: up to $25.00
Purpose: repairing and replacing student technology
Due Date: September 30

Student Fee: School Supply
Amount: up to $25.00
Purpose: purchasing school supply materials for student use
Due Date: September 30

Student Fee: Student Activity
Amount: up to $25.00
Purpose: supplementing the cost of school-wide and grade-level-specific events
Due Date: September 30

Student Fee: Athletics/Auxiliary
Amount: up to $800
Purpose: covering team expenses such as uniforms, equipment, referees, field rental, transportation, etc.
Due Date: first day of season

Student Fee: Band
Amount: up to $150
Purpose: repairing instrument repairs/purchasing materials and transportation
Due Date: first day of season

Student Fee: Commencement
Amount: up to $500
Purpose: Graduation ceremonies, Ring Ceremony, cap and gown
Due Date: December 1

Student Fee: Field Trips/Travel
Amount: varies widely by destination/activities (e.g., up to $1,500 for international learning experiences)
Purpose: covering the trip expenses, including transportation, admission, meals, and hotels
Due Date: one week prior to trip or at the time vendor deposits are due
Student Fee Waiver Requests
Parents and guardians experiencing economic hardship may request a reduction or waiver of student fees by completing a Student Fee Waiver Request, which is available in each school’s front office. The school leader or his/her designee will review each hardship waiver request and make a determination within 10 business days. Parents and guardians who meet the following criteria will be eligible for a reduction or waiver of fees:

- receiving public assistance funds (e.g., Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and unemployment benefits)
- providing foster care services
- experiencing homelessness

A school may ask parents and guardians who do not meet the criteria above to provide additional documentation supporting their requests for a reduction or waiver of student fees.

The Chief Executive Officer has the authority to amend this policy, provided all such amendments are reported to the board.